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Astronomy is a relatively new hobby for me.  I have only been actively enjoying our universe through a telescope for about 10 years now.  Compared to the age of the stars I can see, that isn't even a drop in the bucket!  As a novice, I have made many mistakes, learned many lessons and come to enjoy this hobby a great deal. The roll-off roof shed was constructed in 2005 with the assitance of my daughter and her two girls. I am quite proud of the work we did together.

These pages are dedicated to tracking that 2005 construction of my roll-off roof observatory in west-central Arkansas and will occasionally include some of my meager attempts at astrophotography.  I hope you enjoy you visit here and come back often to check for new photos and pages.          
Clear Skies!
The observatory was rebuilt in 2019 with great physical effort and has reopened after a power surge destroyed the telescope circuits.

Shadowlands Observatory
Roof closed for the day

Shadowlands Observatory
A simple roll-off roof designed from scratch